Why are your tutoring centers in apartment units?

Initially, Bea Salazar opened Bea’s Kids in the apartment complex where she lived in order to meet the needs of the children in her complex.  We continue this tradition because of the benefits we see in working with students within the community where they live, getting know their families, and ensuring that they are getting to and from our centers safely.

What age group will I be working with if I volunteer with Bea’s Kids?

Currently, we have students from K-12th grade at our Carrollton and Farmers Branch locations and K-6th grade at our Dallas and North Dallas Centers.  While volunteers may work with different age groups depending on need, our student volunteers always work with students younger than themselves.

Who will be on site when I am volunteering?

A Bea’s Kids Center Director will always be on site when you are volunteering after school.  All of the volunteers present will have gone through a background and reference check as well as a volunteer orientation.

Do I have to be bilingual in order to volunteer?

No.  Most of our students speak and understand English fluently.  Volunteers with Spanish language skills are especially helpful, however, as they can help students or parents who struggle with English.

Do you have volunteer opportunities on weekends? 

We do need volunteers for special events and activities that take place on weekends.  Please indicate on your application that you are interested in these opportunities.

What if I only need a few hours for class requirement, can I still volunteer?

We often have volunteers work with us in our office or at special events when they only are available for a few hours.  For our tutoring program, however, we ask that volunteers commit to minimum of twice a month, so that they are able to develop relationships with our students over time.

What if I do not know the answer to a student’s question?

Our volunteers work with our students not only to help them with their assignments, but to provide encouragement when things get difficult.  If no one in the center is able to help a student with a particular assignment, please sit down with our student and help them to develop questions to ask their teacher.  We want to encourage our students that even when things get difficult, we must look for the tools that we need in order to succeed.

I have a special project to complete as part of a school/scout/mitzvah/church/ community group requirement.  Can I work with Bea’s Kids?

We would be very excited to talk to you or your group about providing opportunities and serving our students.  Time and staff limitations may not allow us to conduct every special project, but please contact the Director of Volunteers to determine the best way to get involved.


After-school tutor

Mon-Thurs 4-6pm, throughout the school year
Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Dallas, North Dallas Centers

Provide homework help to students after school.  Engage in academic activities such as reading, flash cards and educational games to strengthen students’ basic skills.  Generally, volunteers will work one on one with several students throughout the afternoon.  May also engage with a group of students in academic activities as directed by Center Director.  Tutors should be 13 and older and should commit to coming at least twice a month.

Volunteer application and orientation required.

Summer Camp Volunteer

Mon-Thurs 1-5pm
Dates and locations vary.

Lead activities and groups of students from K-8th grade, help with set up and clean up.  Volunteers may come for just one afternoon, or everyday.

For more information, contact Director of Volunteers.
Summer Camp Volunteering Form Required

Orientation provided on site.

Office Volunteer

Mon-Friday 9-5pm
Help with filing, copying, mailing, data entry.
Volunteer application required. 

Orientation on site.

Special Events Volunteer

As needed.
Help with fundraisers, weekend activities, sorting and giving away donated items, service projects, drives.



All Bea’s Kids volunteers are required to complete a Bea’s Kids Volunteer Application.
Please complete and email to beaskidstutoring@gmail.com

Mail to:
PO Box 110165
Carrollton, TX 75011