Afterschool Achievers Awards

Congratulations to Adma Maldonado, Dallas tutoring center, and Valeria Alcala, Carrollton Tutoring Center, for being nominated for the Afterschool Achievers Award for academic excellence sponsored by the Dallas Afterschool Network.

Marvelous Mathematician

Congratulations to Agustin Cruz, a second grader at the north Dallas tutoring center, for being recognized for excellence in math.  He’s currently on the AB Honor Roll and has steadily improved his grades throughout the year.

Demographics and Numbers Served / 2015-2016 School Years

Carrollton tutoring Center
53 students – 100% Hispanic

Farmers Branch tutoring center
62 students – 100% Hispanic

North Dallas tutoring center (opened August 27, 2007)
22 students – 98% Hispanic students, 2% African American

Dallas tutoring center (opened February 6, 2008)
23 students – 100% Hispanic

Daily Attendance in the tutoring centers

Attendance is taken each day and on an average we achieve 90% attendance.  Often we have 100% attendance at one Center or another.   We have not had any students drop out unless their family has moved to a better environment.  Progress Reports and Report Card are tracked for each nine-week period.

Honor Rolls

Carrollton Center – 16% on A-B for 1st nine weeks

The ExxonMobil Internship

Bea’s Kids is proud to announce that out of more than 170 organizations who applied to the ExxonMobil Internship Bea’s Kids was awarded the honor for a 2008 summer camp intern position.  A $2,500 stipend will be paid by ExxonMobil for a college intern to assist with the Bea’s Kids 6-week summer camp which is vital in retaining communication with our students and keeping them occupied during the long summer.

Volunteer Involvement Continues to Grow

September 2007 – 273 hours
October 2007 – 263 hours
November 2007 – 249 hours
December 2007 – 512 hours
January 2008 – 254 hours
February 2008 – 353 hours
March 2008 – 266 hours

BEA Scholars Program Initiated

Addressing the retention of the Bea’s Kids students as they become 15-16 years of age is a big challenge.  If they leave the Bea’s Kids program it is generally because they are expected to go to work to help support the family and thus have no time to study and come to tutoring.

Select older students have been targeted to be paid tutors to the younger students.  They must maintain their own grades, set leadership examples, commit to tutor 1-2 hours per week and continue to attend Bea’s Kids for their four hours of homework sessions per week.